Production FAQs
  1. Are the licenses fake or original?

    Our licenses are original, legal and 100% registered on the database. Once the license has been produced, you can check on the database for confirmation.

  2. How Can I Know this Is not fraud?

    We have correspondents in the driver and vehicle licensing agency who are incharge of registeration. Also, too ease doubt, clients are not required to make a one time payment.

  3. How durable is the license?

    The driving licenses are made of premium grade PVC material which is waterproof, solid and firm. The quality is same as the regular license you know of.

  4. How long does it take for my license to be produced?

    Typically, it takes within 5-7 working days to produce your license. Once details are sent and first payment made, registration and production of license begins.

  5. How much does it cost?

    Verified Driving License helps you get a license without the theory nor exam. The cost depends on the category you want. Lower category or a higher category.

  6. Do your licenses have Holograms?

    All authentic cards, need to have some sort of security mechanism such as holograms or QR codes. Our licenses have same type holograms  because they are same with the authentic.

Payment & Delivery FAQs
  1. What payment method(s) can a client use?

    We cover many flexible and everyday payment methods such as Bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Moneygram and bitcoin.

  2. How many installments can I pay?

    For flexibility and for the purpose of building clients' trust and loyalty, we accept two payment instalments. First payment prior to registration and production of the license, and second payment after confirmation that the license has been printed that is, pre-delivery and final payment.

  3. How long does it take for a license to be delivered?

    Typically as soon as the license is produced, delivery is set for the next working day. This means that delivery of the  license is included within our 5-7 day working period.

  4. Do I pay after receiving my license?

    Payment should be done in two installments. This is beacause the first installment facilitates registration and processing of the documents provided by a client. Not exempting inventory cost of the materials in use.

  5. Where would my license be delivered?

    The license is delivered to the home address provided by the client. Licenses shall be sealed in an envelope and labeled with the address of the client.

  6. Who pays for the delivery?

    The sender of the license pays for the delivery and courier charges

    Verified Driving License is your trusted producer of fully verified driving licenses. We have served over 26,450 clients and counting. We are trusted by many because of our timely delivery of licenses.


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