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What’s the best country to live in if you want to get your C1 driving licence? The UK, obviously! But, what’s the process of getting your C1 driving licence like in the UK? How long does it take? Is it difficult to obtain? Read on to find out.

what is c1 on driving licence

After you pass your practical test, you must maintain your licence for two years. You need to carry out 100 hours of practice during that time, including 10 hours driving with someone who has a full licence. If you can’t get enough practice while driving independently, you may be able to pay an approved instructor or relative to help drive with you; if so, find out how much it will cost and ask your instructor’s permission before doing so. The cost of maintaining your licence is minimal; it’s currently £23.50 (about $33) per year as of 2015. Plus, holding a full driving licence opens up additional opportunities like being able to drive larger vehicles and commercial vehicles – both valuable perks if you’re hoping to make money through commercial transportation.

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Step 1: Pass your theory test for your c1 driving licence

In order to get your full, unrestricted c1 driving licence you need to pass a multiple-choice theory test. This is made up of 25 questions, out of which you have to get 20 right in order to pass. You can take it as many times as you like and before your 17th birthday, but if you fail three times after that then it will be necessary for you take an extended version called a hazard perception test. Once you’ve passed that, however, there are no further barriers and no expiry date on your licence. The question format is pretty straightforward: fill in one or more answers from a range of four options. There are also a few show two answers questions where you have to pick two correct responses from six possibilities. There’s usually at least one show all four answers question, so look out for those! There is also a short break midway through when they give you some general advice about what to do next. If you don’t pass first time round, try again – statistics show that passing rate increases with each attempt (although only slightly). You may want to study beforehand by buying books and taking practice tests – although note that these tests don’t contain exactly the same material as what’s on the real thing.

Step 2: Book your practical test at a DSA centre

Once you’ve completed your 35 hours of practice, it’s time to book your test. This is done by calling up one of hundreds of DSA-affiliated centres (you can find them all here) and booking an appointment at a location that suits you. Bear in mind that driving tests are incredibly popular—in some parts of Britain, they have a two-month waiting list! So don’t be disheartened if there aren’t any vacancies immediately; keep checking back. You may also want to consider taking a course with an instructor who offers exam passes as part of their package. A lot of these courses will also help you with your practical test preparation. For example, The Official DVSA Theory Test for Car Drivers has a pass guarantee that includes six mock tests and full preparation for both parts of your practical test. It costs £19.99 on Amazon or £27 from The Official DVSA Website .

Step 3: Pass your practical test for c1 driving licence

The DSA’s theory test is multiple choice and costs £31.50 to take. It’s not too difficult if you can pass a driving theory test so should be pretty straightforward. The practical test, on the other hand, is a little trickier because it involves maneuvering your car while avoiding hazards like pedestrians and traffic cones. Here are some tips for passing your test It’s best to book your test at least two weeks before you want to take it. This gives you time to prepare, get all of your documents together and practice driving around town with someone who has a full licence. If possible, make sure that person has experience teaching people how to drive as they will know what mistakes people often make when learning how to drive. They will also know what makes a good instructor – don’t just go with whoever offers their services cheapest! You can find out more about booking your test here . You need to bring: * Your provisional licence * Proof of identification (passport or birth certificate) * Proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) * A valid passport-sized photo * Evidence that you have passed a vehicle safety check (if applicable) You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment, but no more than 15 minutes early. When you arrive, there will be an examiner waiting for you. As well as checking your identity, they’ll look over any evidence you have brought with you and check your eyesight using an eye chart. You’ll then need to sign a declaration confirming that everything presented is correct and complete.

Step 4: c1 driving licence cost

The cost of a provisional licence is £50, and will also require you to carry an ‘L’ plate at all times, while you practise. This lasts for two years. At 17, you can take your driving test to get your c1 driving licence. The cost of your first test is £62.50 and thereafter it costs between £52 – £64 depending on location. Don’t forget that if you fail you have to pay again! If you pass first time however, it’s free so do celebrate. But don’t drink too much because you might be taking another one soon…
10 tips for getting your c1 driving licence: 1) Get as much practice as possible. 2) Know what you are doing before you drive on busy roads or with passengers.


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